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Unlocking the Power of Awareness: The Importance of Reading Your Employment Contract

Most business nowadays have a contract of employment. New employees need to sign this before they can start work. The trouble is that many of us don’t take too close a look at the wording. That can be a mistake, especially if the document contains certain caveats that put you at a disadvantage. Check The … Read more

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How to Find Your Dream Job in Brighton: Stand Out from the Crowd with These Proven Techniques

Less than an hour away from London by train and nestled on the South East coast of the UK, it’s no wonder roughly six hundred thousand people reside in the popular seaside town of Brighton. Looking for a job in Brighton? Want your application to stand out from the crowd? Not only is Brighton a great place to … Read more

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Top Selected Job Vacancies: Brighton and Surrounding Areas

In comparison to the surrounding areas, Brighton ranks highest when it comes to unemployment with a rate of 5.7%. Eastbourne comes in next at 4.8%, which is still quite a way off from Brighton’s high rate. Why are these rates so high? Are there no job vacancies in Brighton? On the contrary, local job opportunities in Brighton … Read more

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5 Career Paths Worth Pursuing in Brighton

Finding a career path that’s fulfilling, enjoyable and has a good salary can be tough. Understandably, a lot of people don’t want to pursue a career path that they’ll end up regretting. Likewise, others feel limited by the job options available near them. Brighton, however, has a whole host of career prospects that may pique some interest. … Read more

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Living and Working in Brighton

It’s not just that job you really want to nail. You want to work in a great area and great company, large or small. Brighton has long attracted a wide range of people to its pebbled shores and it is an exceptional place to settle down. According to recent research, it’s also now one of … Read more

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How to Choose a Career in Brighton and Hove

One of the most daunting things you’ll ever do is decide on a first career step or, indeed, a career change! What job is going to both give you satisfaction, and pay enough to fulfil your future needs and goals? It’s important to find the balance between money and happiness, with more and more studies … Read more

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Uncovering Hidden Gems: The Overlooked Part-Time Jobs in Brighton

Part-time work in Brighton is a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance and to build up experience in a career you are interested in. And the great thing is, fewer hours doesn’t have to mean a drop in income. Many part-time positions have the potential to earn well above minimum wage. There are … Read more

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Unlocking Career Success: The Power of Blogging

While there seem to be plenty of jobs around at the moment, competition is still pretty fierce. Certainly, if you work in a specialised industry, you need to do everything you can to improve your prospects. One option is to create your own online brand and blog about something important to your sector or career … Read more

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Job Search Tips – The Easiest Way to Discover Your Next Job

Remember when you were a kid and used to get asked questions like who you want to be when you grow up? What job would you like to do? And you just stare at them with a blank face knowing nothing about it but still manage to answer something funny like I want to be … Read more


Unlocking Success with Upskilling: Your Ultimate Buzzword

There is an old adage that knowledge is power. That’s nowhere so important in modern life than in the workplace. Maybe thirty years ago you could get by with the same skills and knowledge for a 30 year career but nowadays employees who regularly update their CV and have a keen interest in CPD are … Read more

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How to Make a Career Change Without Taking a Pay Cut

When we first start to think about our career path, we will be young, which means that we may end up going down a route that isn’t actually going to be right in the long term. This is why the average person is likely to change their career at least once in their lifetime. However, … Read more

freelance writer in Brighton

How to Become a Freelance Writer in Brighton and Hove

In the growing gig economy, one of the more lucrative avenues you can go down is to become a freelance writer. It’s something anyone with a modicum of talent can do – all you require is the right focus and be prepared to put in the work. Whether you’re just looking for an extra income … Read more

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How to Find a Job in Brighton and Hove

When you’re looking for a job in Brighton and Hove, you can put a lot of time into your job search. You don’t want all of that time to be wasted, especially when job seeking can sometimes become a full-time occupation itself. Finding the right job might take you a while, but it doesn’t have … Read more

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Essential Graduate Skills Employers Look For

So you’ve just graduated university, and you’re ready to change the world – or, at least, get a job so you can buy that house. Where do you start? A lot of employers ask for 3-5 years experience in any given field just to get a look in at the interview stage. If not, they’re talking … Read more

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Can Networking in Brighton Boost Your Employment Prospects?

It’s not just for high powered corporate bosses and budding entrepreneurs. Networking has been around since businesses began and it’s a proven to be a powerful tool over the years. It can also help if you are looking to find a new job or a change career. The trouble is many job seekers find networking … Read more

Brighton graduate tips

Launching Your Career: Expert Tips for Crafting an Outstanding Graduate CV

Just graduated and seeking that first step on the career ladder? We asked Andrew Fennell, the founder of StandOut CV, for his tips on how to get the most out of your graduate CV… When you’re looking to take that first step into employment, your application needs to entice a recruiters’ attention – after all, there … Read more

pay rise in Brighton

How to Get a Pay Rise in Brighton and Hove

Negotiating a pay rise can be a difficult thing to do at work. If you think that you deserve a pay rise, you might be trying to work up the nerve to do it and develop a strategy to get what you want. But it can be hard to decide how you should approach the … Read more

ski instructor

Passport to a Fulfilling Career: Travel-Inspired Job Opportunities

Many people love to travel, but work can sometimes get in the way. Fortunately, there are many professions where there is room for some crossover. That said, some jobs can be more travel-friendly than others. Moreover, some jobs require a different type of adventuring. Others may expose you to new experiences, peoples, and places, profoundly … Read more

delivery driver

What You Need To Think About Before Becoming A Delivery Driver

As the cost of living crisis continues, many people are considering new avenues of employment or thinking about adding an extra part-time job to boost their income. One of the most frequently sought-after jobs is a delivery driver. Whether you’re delivering fast food or packages, becoming a driver can provide a flexible and potentially profitable … Read more

mentoring important for career development

Why Mentoring Is Important For Your Career Development

Mentoring is a process in which a skilled person shares their knowledge and talents with a less experienced person. They teach you new skills, provide support when you are struggling, give constructive feedback on your work, help you with networking, and much more. Mentoring can also help build your confidence and self-esteem. It will boost … Read more

waiting for a job interview

Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

We work with a lot of people to help find their perfect job in Brighton as well as a good few businesses. Of course, the most challenging time for any job candidate is that all-important interview. As long as you prepare well, you should give yourself a good chance. But there are some things you should never … Read more

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Mastering Work-Life Balance: Unveiling Brighton’s Working Hours

Working patterns can vary greatly, depending on what you do and who you work for. Some people might work 9 to 5, but many also work in various other patterns and configurations. Whether you work a standard office day or through the night, one thing that’s important is that you don’t work too much. There … Read more

how to write a cv

How to Write a CV

Your CV is a kind of personal ad that you deliver to companies explaining why they need your services. Firms want people who can create more value than they cost in salary, and so your task, just like anyone trying to sell a product, is to demonstrate that you have the skills and talents they … Read more

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8 Essential Skills Employers Look For: Your Path to Success

If you’re planning to move your career forward next year, there are plenty of skills that you need to develop. Employers in Brighton are looking beyond the traditional graduate and other qualifications nowadays, perhaps more than ever before. Here are our top 8 highly transferable skills that really make a difference and which you might like to develop in 2019 … Read more

video editing

How To Start a Career in Video Editing

Videos are everywhere – you will find yourself looking up videos on the internet when you want to learn crafts, try new recipes, or even when you want to enjoy your leisure time. Videos have changed the field of marketing; you must have noticed that more and more companies are now making engaging video content … Read more

professional photographer Brighton

Discovering Your Dream Career: Overcoming Worries and Embracing Aspirations

Whether we want to or not, we all spend a lot of time at work. This means that we should really try to enjoy it as best we can. The trouble is, there is a real conflict of interest between doing a job we love and earning money. Particularly when it may seem that being … Read more

part-time weekend jobs in Brighton

10 Awesome, Part-Time Weekend Jobs You Can Find in Brighton

You love your full-time job, but it simply doesn’t pay you the kind of salary you’re looking for.  Perhaps you’re considering transitioning careers into something entirely different, but you need to get some experience and training in your new field before you can make the switch permanently. You may be a student or even a … Read more

career change

Is it Too Late for a Career Change?

The truth is that it’s never too late to change career and many older people have successfully made the transition to something new and loved every minute of it. Whether in your forties and considering your options or older, wanting to put some vim back into your work life, there’s plenty to be said for … Read more


How to Stop Procrastinating at Work

If you work and live in an interesting city like Brighton, it can be easy to get distracted. There’s the beach outside the window, the busy streets below, the sun’s shining and you want to be anywhere but work. This is just the right time for a bit of procrastination. As a Brighton job site, you might … Read more

transferable skills

A Guide to Transferable Skills and How to Use Them in Your CV

One thing that often stops us going for that next job is a lack of skills, or at least our perceived lack of them. The truth is that, if you look hard enough, you may well find that you’re better qualified than you think. Everyone has transferrable skills What are they? They’re the type of thing … Read more

in the wrong job

Signs You’re in the Wrong Job: Identifying Red Flags

Whilst the main reason that you head to work every day is to earn money, there are some huge problems that come with a lack of job satisfaction. The realisation that you are in the wrong job is not something we want to face, however, when if it happens to you, then it means that … Read more

bad manager

How to Spot a Bad Manager

You might work for the best company in the world but if your boss or manager isn’t up to the job at all it can be an absolute nightmare. A great boss will often contribute to your career development, help build confidence and reward you for your efforts. Most people can count on at least … Read more

how to write a cover letter, man working on laptop drinking coffee

How to Write a Cover Letter

You’ve spotted the ad for the job of your dreams. You’ve put a lot of thought into your application. You’ve adapted your CV to make sure that the experience and qualities your prospective new employer are front and centre. Now you need to ensure that your CV is accompanied by a cover letter that makes you shine. Your … Read more

walking to an employment tribunal

An Essential Guide to Employment Tribunals: What You Need to Know

Work forms a massive part of our lives. People spend as many waking hours with their colleagues each week as they do their family! So if you’re experiencing issues in your workplace it can have huge repercussions on everything from self confidence, life satisfaction, and future happiness. But what are these ‘issues’ in terms of … Read more

brighton career tips

Take Control of Your Career

While you may enjoy the summer in Brighton, hunting for a new job in the warm weather can be a bit of a chore. If you feel that you’re treading water and not getting the breaks you deserve, it may be because you need more control over your career path. Here are our top tips for getting … Read more

improve productivity

How to Become More Productive at Work

If you’re looking to improve your career prospects or simply want to make your boss happy, finding ways to be more productive is key. Bosses love people who get the job done. While most of us like to think that we operate productively at all times, it’s not always the case. There are some changes you can … Read more

choose right boss

How to Choose the Right Boss

A lot of focus when applying for a job is on whether you have the qualifications or the skills to do the role at hand. What many job hunters forget is that picking the right boss is also important. In fact, it can make a big difference to your career and your future prospects. A … Read more

woman on her phone digital footprint audit

Your Digital Footprint: A Comprehensive Audit Guide

When you’re planning that next career move, there may be a lot of things on your mind. Does your CV need an update? Are you making the right choice? How can you improve your interview technique? Are you going to get the job in Brighton? One question many career persons often forget to ask concerns … Read more

digital marketing expert Brighton

How to Find a Digital Marketing Expert in Brighton

Recruiting effectively is hard, right? Not only are you navigating a host of less-than-appropriate candidates – it’s often hard enough to find any out there in a competitive field. Now, add to that the niche industry of Digital Marketing, and we all know the problems that arise. After all, having an Instagram account doesn’t – … Read more