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How to Spot a Bad Manager

bad manager

You might work for the best company in the world but if your boss or manager isn’t up to the job at all it can be an absolute nightmare.

A great boss will often contribute to your career development, help build confidence and reward you for your efforts. Most people can count on at least one or two managers who tick all the boxes and stick in the mind.

Everyone has their little quirks, their good points and bad. Even great managers. A seriously bad boss, however, is a different creature altogether. Not only can they damage your career, they drain your confidence and leave you feeling powerless.

Poor Communication

The biggest problem with bad managers is that they lack the appropriate communication skills. If you’ve ever been thrown a job by your boss and not understood what they actually want, the fault isn’t always yours.

Some people are just naturally bad communicators and no amount of training is going to remedy the problem. For employees, this can mean a constant battle trying to understand what is needed.

Too Hands On

A manager who is always absent can be a bit of godsend sometimes. At least you can get on with your work.

But there are bosses who have to micro-manage everything. They can’t quite bring themselves to trust you to do things properly. They’ll hang over your shoulder or get you to deliver updates every five seconds.

Lack of Responsibility

A good boss will always take responsibility for their team. Even if it’s not their fault, they’re likely to find a way to take the pressure off the valued employees under them. Equally, they’re just as likely to praise you more when you’ve done a good job.

A really bad boss is the polar opposite. They’ll take credit for your hard work and stomp down on you and the team when there’s a mistake.

Their Career is More Important

A poor boss tends to look at the world from their own point of view and only that. The universe revolves around them and their career is the most important thing. This also means you don’t get the support you really need and your career development is stagnated or even takes a step back.

What To Do About a Bad Manager

If your boss has some or all of the above traits, it can be difficult to cope with at the best of times. There have been a few studies done that show narcissists are more likely to do well at interview and therefore get into the top management jobs in Brighton. For your average employee, this presents a bit of a nightmare situation.

When you’ve got a bad boss there are some things you can do. The first is to take a deep breath and suck it up because you need the job. You can try communicating more and staying on their good side but this doesn’t always work.

The other is to start looking for a new job in Brighton. Being around a bad boss for too long can drain your confidence and impact on your career. It might also have an influence on how you behave.

Of course, most bosses and managers tend to fall somewhere between good and bad. A lot depends on how the company itself thinks about leadership and the processes they put in place to develop best practice. If you’re interviewing for a job it’s worth asking about how a particular company deals with leadership management. The answers they give may help you decide whether you actually want to work for them or not in the first place.