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What You Need To Think About Before Becoming A Delivery Driver

delivery driver

As the cost of living crisis continues, many people are considering new avenues of employment or thinking about adding an extra part-time job to boost their income. One of the most frequently sought-after jobs is a delivery driver. Whether you’re delivering fast food or packages, becoming a driver can provide a flexible and potentially profitable source of employment, making it an increasingly appealing option.

However, if you’re keen to get behind the wheel of a van and start delivering, there are a few things you need to bear in mind before you commit to this line of work to ensure it’s the right role for you.

You Need To Have A Decent Driving Record

This probably goes without saying, but in order to get hired as a delivery driver, you need to have a stellar driving record. If you have points on your license or any recent driving-related cautions or charges, it’s very unlikely that you will be given a job. Of course, if you do have a clean record and you are hired, you also need to make sure that you stick to good driving habits during the course of your deliveries. There is a stereotype about the ‘white van man’ – do your best not to reinforce the prejudice by making sure you adhere to the rules of the road, even if you’re in a rush to make your deliveries.

Your Earnings Will Vary Depending On Your Employment Type

If your friends have been recommending that you become a delivery driver -perhaps because they are one themselves or they know someone else who is – they may have told you what kind of money you’ll be earning.  However, you need to bear in mind that no delivery driver role is the same. As a result, your earnings may differ from someone else’s substantially, depending on whether or not you work on an employed or self-employed basis. If you are self-employed, then your earnings will vary depending on how many packages you can deliver.

You Will Need Appropriate Insurance

To become a delivery driver, not only will you need a good driving record, but you will also need to have the right insurance. The policy that you have for your own car won’t cover it; you need to have specific van insurance. Compare options using a website like to find the right choice for you. Unfortunately, this can be more expensive than your car’s policy, as vans are heavier and usually have bigger engines, but it’s important that you are properly insured in case your van is damaged or broken into.

You Need A Reliable Vehicle

If you have given it some thought and decided that being a delivery driver is a viable option for you, then you need to think about the type of vehicle you will be driving. Some delivery driver jobs may provide you with a company van, which is the most convenient option, but if you need to find your own transport, it’s a good idea to approach the task with care and consideration. After all, you don’t want to end up with a van that will cost you more than you earn because it needs expensive repairs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a few considerations to think about before becoming a delivery driver. However, once you have taken these factors into account, there is no reason why a new career as a delivery driver shouldn’t be both convenient and, hopefully, lucrative.