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Uncovering Hidden Gems: The Overlooked Part-Time Jobs in Brighton

part time jobs in Brighton

Part-time work in Brighton is a great way to maintain a healthy work/life balance and to build up experience in a career you are interested in. And the great thing is, fewer hours doesn’t have to mean a drop in income. Many part-time positions have the potential to earn well above minimum wage.

There are many options available when deciding which part-time job is right for you.

The easiest part-time jobs in Brighton to get are those that you are well qualified for and have experience in.

This article will explore some part-time job options that are often overlooked so that you can find the perfect part-time job to suit your personality and lifestyle.


Gardeners grow and look after plants in many different settings including public parks, private gardens, sports facilities, and plant nurseries.

There is a lot of part-time gardening work available as well as the option to be self-employed, working for private individuals and offering various services from lawn mowing and hedge trimming to full landscape design. Around 90,000 people work in gardening and horticulture in the UK with positive self-employment prospects, particularly in areas such as landscape maintenance, contracting and design.

In terms of tools and equipment, you’ll need basics such as hand sheers, a shredder, lawnmower and a blower vacuum.

Tour Guide

Most tour guides work on a part-time basis and is a very rewarding and fun career for many. Being a tour guide involves showing clients specific focus points as outlined by the tour company.

The most important element of being a tour guide though is creating an amazing customer experience for tourists with a positive, enthusiastic attitude.

Having knowledge on the topic you would be guiding is also crucial as you will often have to answer questions related to the tour. Some tour guide jobs also require you to drive a bus or other speciality vehicle an if this is the case, you will need the appropriate license.


Phlebotomists are people who are trained to draw blood from patients’ veins for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research.

Phlebotomists collect blood primarily by performing venipunctures or finger sticks and are also required to accurately label vials with correct patient information.

They also need to provide a positive experience for the patient – this is achieved by selecting the best collection method depending on the patient’s needs and by keeping the patient calm and having an uplifting and positive attitude.

To become a phlebotomist a valid phlebotomy certification is required.

Personal Shopper

This is a growing profession and a great part-time career option.

The key to becoming a personal shopper is to develop a loyal customer base and deliver consistent, high-level shopping experiences.

A personal shopper needs to develop and maintain in-depth knowledge of various stores and their products and then make well-informed and researched purchase recommendations based on their client’s needs.


An esthetician is another name for a skincare specialist and their work is often carried out on a part-time basis. A skincare specialist evaluates the condition of a clients’ skin and from this evaluation, they determine which treatments will best enhance the client’s appearance. The esthetician will then explain and administer the treatments to the client. Esthetician work is in high-demand with predictions that esthetician jobs will grow by about 14% between 2016 and 2026.

An Acting Extra

If you have a flair for the dramatic and know that you can work well according to a casting-call schedule, then a job as a part-time actor or “extra” could be the career for you.

Very little skill or experience in acting is required to show up in a background shot of a show or movie. There are plenty of casting agencies available where you can load your CV if you wish to pursue part-time acting work.

This may require you to have a headshot professionally taken – or ask someone with a few photography skills to do one for you. Although a lot of “extra” work pays well, remember that casting agencies that look for extras make their money by taking a cut of your earnings, so always check how much that percentage is before working with them.

Part-time work is a great way to work for many people and we hope this article may help you find the perfect part-time jobs in Brighton for you!