How to Find a Digital Marketing Expert in Brighton

digital marketing expert Brighton

Recruiting effectively is hard, right? Not only are you navigating a host of less-than-appropriate candidates – it’s often hard enough to find any out there in a competitive field. Now, add to that the niche industry of Digital Marketing, and we all know the problems that arise. After all, having an Instagram account doesn’t – contrary to popular belief – make you an effective Social Media Executive!

With that in mind, Just Brighton Jobs is proud to tell all Digital Marketing recruiters that we can make your job simpler.

Proper recruitment is important

Whilst proper recruitment of talent is hard, it’s really important to get it right – recruiters know that better than anyone. There can’t be many more annoying aspects to work than a colleague that shouldn’t be there. But recruitment shouldn’t be hit and miss, which is why we created JBJ. Here, we give some introduction tips for the field and a preview of how to use our search.

New to the field? What should you look for?

If you’re new to the recruitment of Digital Marketing experts, here are some tips: As with all roles, experience is a great indicator, but the issue here is that some candidates will be fairly lenient with the boundaries they apply to what experience is. So look for established companies for which they’ve worked.

That said, a massive part of this field is innovation and creativity, so if it looks like they’ve put a lot of effort into their own work, rather than potentially being stifled by the 9-5 realm, than it’s fair to pay credence to that. The primary thing to look for is whether it’s real experience that they can provide results for, rather than a ‘knowledge of social media.’

Now, obviously that focuses on the social media side of things, but Digital Marketing is of course so much more. But this principle can be reasonably applied across the spectrum. If a designer hasn’t had years of experience for a famous brand, but has developed their talent in their own right, they aren’t necessarily right for a senior role, but they should be a look in for a creative position.

How do I find what I’m looking for?

So if you’re struggling to find the right candidates for your clients in the Digital Marketing field, you no longer need to sift through endless resumes looking for keywords.

You can now visit our dedicated website Digital Marketing Jobs Board to focus your search and hire digital marketers in Brighton, hit the right targets.