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Job Search Tips – The Easiest Way to Discover Your Next Job

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Remember when you were a kid and used to get asked questions like who you want to be when you grow up? What job would you like to do? And you just stare at them with a blank face knowing nothing about it but still manage to answer something funny like I want to be a bird when I grow up.

Those were simpler times but unfortunately, we had to grow up someday and find a job to do for the rest of our lives.

We suppose it’s okay. Everyone should get a chance to discover what they want in their lives. Even if it takes them to resign five jobs in a row. Because finding a job is hard but doing a job that isn’t your thing is way harder.

It’s like a professional pianist auditioning for a guitarist. You can’t be great at everything but you might be the best at one thing you do. And that can be anything.

It is possible that you have been doing something for 8 years and still want to resign someday. Many people don’t know their interests and carry on with something just for the sake of it. It’s because they lack career counselling.

What do you need to know?

Before applying for a job you should research a lot about certain things. You need to be mindful of what you exactly want to do. Because everyone cannot be as lucky as Chandler from Friends, where he stepped out of his comfort zone after 10 years and finally understood he wanted to join an advertisement company. And he got into one with zero experience. The question is, how? Because that was his passion. The long-lost passion, he discovered in his thirties.

So it is totally fine to discover your dream job late but not trying hard enough isn’t okay. You have got to keep trying because the effort is everything.

We are going to spill some secrets about how you can discover your passion and dream job with some simple steps in this article!

Your preference

This preference can be of anything. For example, would you prefer to relocate for a certain job? Or would you prefer to enroll in an internship program just to gain some experience? Or is it okay if the salary is not good but you can have peace of mind?

If you are not willing to do these things for a job you have or you are being offered then it’s obvious you don’t care about that job or simply don’t feel like doing it.

The work environment you like

Some people like to work in a disciplined and well-mannered environment. They don’t want people to joke around them during working hours. Let’s be honest here. Wouldn’t that be exhausting? This is the most important point to consider and some recruiters ask you in the interview what kind of working environment you’d like to work in.

Your expertise

Being a skilled person is a plus because it takes you to places you might never imagine. However, be mindful that skills come from practice and you can get bored of your expertise at any point in life. Why’d that happen? Because being fond of something and being a professional at something are two different things.

For instance, you are writing because you got the job so early and did not think if you wanted to be a writer. Now after so many years when you are a professional you realize it’s not interesting anymore. Because you never wanted to be a writer in the first place. It was a marriage of convenience. Beware of your expertise but don’t ignore your passion and interests. Both things are crucial.

Your likes and dislikes

Everyone knows about what they like and what they don’t but if you are still having trouble deciding then here’s what you can do to discover it easily. Take a blank paper and start writing down things you like the most doing and on the other side, pen down what you prefer not doing or just simply don’t want to get into.

In the end, you’ll be pretty much clear about many things and you can decide where you should be dropping your CV.


Here’s the key point. Focus. Keep your focus on yourself and watch out for things that keep your enthusiasm alive. Have you ever wondered how reporters and radio representatives can talk for hours? Because they like talking. They like it so much that it made them turn their passion into a profession. As they say, there’s no hard and fast rule of it. Find something you like and let it lead you to where you belong!

Be confident

Don’t be overconfident nor be under-confident. Keep it balanced. Sure, education and experience matter. But confidence helps you to be in focus. You have to be sure and confident enough for your dream job. Because it’s something you know you are best at. So don’t lose it.

Job hunt until you get that one dream job

Don’t stop your job hunt until you get your desired job. Because how would you know what you want unless you have options. It’s always better to have extra options on the table. That way it gets easier to decide what to choose and what not.

Wrap up:

Many people in many corporate sectors are doing jobs they don’t want to. They have settled themselves for it just because they are too lazy to get up and find what they want to do. One more reason is fear.

Some people are too afraid to resign from their current positions because they aren’t confident enough if they’ll get hired again or not.

Don’t be one of them and search the latest jobs in Brighton now!