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Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

waiting for a job interview

We work with a lot of people to help find their perfect job in Brighton as well as a good few businesses. Of course, the most challenging time for any job candidate is that all-important interview. As long as you prepare well, you should give yourself a good chance.

But there are some things you should never say in a job interview if you want to give yourself the best chance.

Here’s our top ten:

1. I hate my job

This is the traditional faux pas at interviews and is usually accompanied by revelations that your boss is a complete idiot. Even if all this is true, most interviewers will take this with a pinch of salt and, frankly, most will think that it’s you who is at fault. It’s fine to mention challenges in the workplace but keep it upbeat and positive.

2. How much do you pay?

While the salary is usually indicated on the job spec, there are things like bonuses and the like which may be offered as well. It’s considered bad form to start interrogating the interviewer about your pay. At the very least it comes across as if you are more concerned about the cash than doing a good job.

3. Can I take this call?

Turn you mobile off before you go into interview. It’s bound to ring while you are sat there or ping because you’ve received a text message. This is pretty annoying.

Even more exacerbating is if the interviewee decides they must take the call and wanders off to a corner of the room chatting to their mate.

4. I lack experience but I learn quickly

Basically, let the interview panel decide this. You don’t have to state it openly or help them out. What it suggests is you are not confident you can do the job. They may well like other qualities that you have and are willing to overlook the lack of experience in some areas. But it’s their thing to bring up, not yours.

5. I Apologise for being late

We all know that turning up for interview late is a big no-no. Make sure that you are there in plenty of time and don’t score an own goal. That’s all that needs to be said.

6. I don’t have any questions

Most panels will ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview. Have some prepared. Saying that you don’t or can’t think of anything to add sounds like you’re not interested or haven’t thought about the position enough.

7. Sorry I’m nervous

We all get nervous at interview and there’s a school of thought that admitting it makes those nerves go away. This is not true.

What it does do is make the interviewer more nervous because they’re worried about you. Explore some ways of reducing those nerves before you enter the interview and certainly don’t mention them once you sit down.

8. In 5 years, I’ll be in your job

This not only sounds crass, it’s likely to upset the interviewer. You’ll come across as arrogant. Think about your answer to this type of question and align it with your career goals.

9. I speak 16 languages

This is just an example but lying in interview can be pretty dangerous and at some point, you will be fond out. Saying you speak X amount of languages is fine until one of the interview panel starts asking questions in French.

10. I really, really need this job

Finally, this just makes you look plain desperate. It’s okay to be enthusiastic but this makes it look as though you need any job at all are not worried about what it is.

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