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How to Choose a Career in Brighton and Hove

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One of the most daunting things you’ll ever do is decide on a first career step or, indeed, a career change! What job is going to both give you satisfaction, and pay enough to fulfil your future needs and goals?

It’s important to find the balance between money and happiness, with more and more studies showing higher levels of life satisfaction associated with someone enjoying their job rather than someone getting paid the most.

So, how do you choose? Start by thinking about yourself.

Here, we’ll go through a number of different personality types that you may be able to relate to, and that may help guide you in knowing what is most likely to satisfy you long term.

1. You’re a nutter for organisation

If organisation is where you get your kicks, then you need a job that optimises this skill. A number of roles do this, from administration jobs in Brighton to PA work, through to project management for construction companies or librarian work.

This is a skill that is helpful for a wide raft of positions, but some jobs demand it more than others.

It’s important that you find a role that will utilise this passion over something that relies on constant change and unpredictability because you’ll find yourself drowning in those. Try searching for ‘excellent organisation’ as a keyword in our jobs in Brighton page.

2. You have massive amount of empathy: you want to change the world

We all like to do good in the world, but you’re someone that needs to see the positive results of the work they do. If you like caring for others, seeing people achieve their best, than a job that creates change is the career for you.

This could be as a doctor or counsellor, or something a bit more left field like old aged care. There are also plenty of charities that work both domestically and internationally that are in dire need of talented staff.

On top of this, you could look into teaching, where you can have a very real and tangible impact on the next generation! Try searching ethical or teaching jobs in Brighton on our job page.

3. You thrive with logic

Logic is something that, like common sense, isn’t as common as we would think. If you’re someone who sees things in a clearer light than others, than put your logic to use in a role that is defined by it.

Fields like science, research, forensics and architecture all demand high levels of proficiency in logical thinking, and put this to use through both on the job work and detailed qualifications. If your logic is particularly maths-focussed, you can look at the banking and accountancy sectors.

More tech-oriented? Coding and IT is probably for you. Logic is in short supply, but jobs centred on it aren’t. Try searching ‘logical’ on our Brighton job search page.

4. You’re endlessly creative and spreadsheets make you cry

But if you’re not the logical type (or you are, but it’s not your thing) and you get excited by creativity, outside the box thinking, and putting all this to use to create products and art and outcomes that amaze, then there are certain directions you can take to follow this vibe.

A lot of people now are probably thinking artist of photographer, and sure – you can go that route – but don’t forget about the equally creative, but perhaps more job-focussed, careers like website design, content production, interior design, graphic design, marketing and digital jobs.

These industries are exploding as AI takes over some of the more data- and logic-based roles we used to do. Try searching ‘marketing jobs in Brighton‘ on our job ads page.

5. You’re practical in everything you do

Hello, tradies! Yep, if you’re practical, enjoy hands-on work, and the thought of building something to be proud of appeals to you, then consider learning a trade.

What’s great is that a lot of these are on-the-job training careers, meaning there’s likely a job already waiting when you finish your qualifications. Try searching ‘apprenticeships’ on our job page.

6. You get energy when you’re around people: yep, you’re an extrovert!

And last but not least, we have the social butterflies. If you’re the person that constantly needs to be around friends, loves meeting people, perhaps enjoys travel and getting out and about, then there are even careers tailor made for you.

Some obvious ones are jobs in retail and sales, but there are equally fulfilling roles to be found in recruitment, marketing and customer service based-roles. Even telemarketing can be enjoyable if you’re a people person! Try searching ‘customer services’ on our jobs page.

Don’t think you fit any of these types? Get in touch to see what else we can come up with!