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Living and Working in Brighton

living in Brighton - a view of West Pier

It’s not just that job you really want to nail. You want to work in a great area and great company, large or small.

Brighton has long attracted a wide range of people to its pebbled shores and it is an exceptional place to settle down. According to recent research, it’s also now one of the happiest places to live and work.

Living in Brighton

Whether you love the iconic beach and pier, the amazing culture, the quaint little shops and narrow streets or the surrounding countryside, there’s something for everyone in Brighton. Young and old alike.

If you’re thinking of applying for jobs in Brighton, want to buy a house in Brighton to live or commute, here’s our take on what’s great about this amazing town.

Local Businesses

Brighton is home to a wide range of different businesses. While the main industry remains tourism, with half a million foreign visitors coming to the area each year, there are plenty of other opportunities on offer.

The growing tech and digital marketing sector is one such example. There’s a plethora of small and medium-size companies growing up in the area, including for gaming, and the Brighton Digital Festival is held each October in the town.

Job Growth and Salaries

While unemployment is at 5.8%, job growth is running at 11% at the moment and that means there is always plenty on offer if you decide to settle down. If you want to commute to Brighton, however, the good news is that it’s one of the most connected towns with great rail routes and roads to big cities like London. In the town itself, there’s always a bus to catch.

The median average salary in Brighton is £26,477 with many of the jobs in sales and IT jobs in Brighton as well as digital marketing. The biggest employers in the area are the NHS and American Express (which has had a presence in the town since the 70s) but there are many small and medium-size businesses that are looking for quality employees.

What’s So Great About Living in Brighton

This is a cosmopolitan town with plenty of buzz. Regeneration initiatives have been put in place over the last few years and there are new builds going up in areas like Edward Street that look really exciting.

If you love your arts and culture, Brighton certainly has a lot to offer and there are loads of independent and quirky cafes and bars to found in the town’s centre. There’s also a vibrant and friendly gay scene that adds to the excitement, plenty of theatre if you nowhere to find it and more than enough fish and chip shops.

If you’re searching for a location to settle down which is less hectic than London and really diverse, then Brighton certainly ticks all the boxes.

One downside is that it can get really crowded during the summer, especially if there’s a heatwave. Visitors come from not only around the world but London and the Home Counties. On the other hand, if you really love the buzz of a packed seaside town at the height of summer, you’ll be in your element.

Brighton is a great place to both live and work and certainly won’t leave you with nothing to do. With opportunities in hospitality, digital marketing, tech and gaming as well as traditional sectors like healthcare and social care jobs, there’s something here for everyone.

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