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How to Find Your Dream Job in Brighton: Stand Out from the Crowd with These Proven Techniques

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Less than an hour away from London by train and nestled on the South East coast of the UK, it’s no wonder roughly six hundred thousand people reside in the popular seaside town of Brighton.

Looking for a job in Brighton? Want your application to stand out from the crowd? Not only is Brighton a great place to live, it has more than enough in the way of job prospects.

Finding the perfect career may take you some time, but it shouldn’t take too long. With the right techniques for searching for a new job, you’ll find the perfect opportunity for you.

Here’s how to find your career in Brighton and how to nail your application so you stand out from the rest.

Make Your CV Stand Out

Whether you’re beginning your search for a new position or have recently finished university or school, writing a great CV is essential if you want to make it to the interview stage.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind when it comes to writing a CV:

  • Find your unique selling points. Maybe you do voluntary work. Or perhaps you write your own blog. Whatever the case, it’s important to establish your unique selling points. Just make sure they’re applicable to the job in question.
  • Write clearly and succinctly. Write a CV that’s to-the-point (just two pages will do). Make sure there are no grammar mistakes or errors by reading your CV thoroughly before submitting it.
  • Use of keywords. Many employers use keywords to search for applicants, so it’s a good idea to include some relevant ones in your CV. Centre them around the job you’re searching for as well as all the responsibilities involved with it. Make sure you study the job description and company website thoroughly for certain phrases and words the organisation may be seeking.
  • Adapt your CV to the job. Adjust your CV so it matches the job you’re applying for. Use the job spec, company info, as well as any other material you find from industry research as a point of reference. Highlight your talents and experience. If the ones you list aren’t appropriate, the company won’t be able to see how you match up.
  • CV layout. Is your CV easy-to-navigate? Record your work experience, personal statement, personal details, accomplishments, training, and interests in a coherent order.

Be Clear About What You’re Seeking

Prior to your job hunt, it’s vital to define what you’re looking for. While you may be fairly flexible about certain things, you need to outline a couple of things about the kind of position you’re seeking. If you don’t do this, you may have to go through numerous job listings that aren’t relevant.

If you aren’t too sure about what you’re looking for, it’ll become trickier to choose the most relevant job and define the perfect opportunity for your career.

Here are some questions to think about when it comes to working in Brighton:

  • What’s your ideal salary?
  • Do you want to work full-time, part-time, on a permanent or temporary basis?
  • Where in Brighton do you want to be located?
  • What’s your preferred job title?
  • What responsibilities would you like your job to entail?
  • Do you want to work for a small or large company?
  • What sort of company culture do you want to work in?
  • What job perks and benefits would you like?
  • What about working hours?
  • What sector and industry would you like to work in?

Look Out for Big Names

You’d be forgiven for thinking Brighton is merely home to hospitality and retail, judging by the individual shops lining its alleys and streets. However, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, Brighton boasts some of the biggest employers, including the likes of American Express, the University of Sussex, not to mention an increasing number of marketing jobs and advertising, digital marketing agencies such as Brandwatch, energy companies like EDF and big-name retailers like Sainsbury’s.

Know Where to Look

Looking for work online? Be sure to use the right job sites. Brighton job boards can be useful, however, sites like this can give you too many choices to begin working with. Just Brighton Jobs makes it a breeze to nail down your search and discover roles in the best area for you.

What’s more, local agents can help you find the perfect job. It’s a good idea to search for job sites that have roles in industries you want to work in.

Monitor Your Applications

When searching for a career in Brighton, it’s important to keep track of the jobs you apply for. If you don’t, then you’ll fail to remember what you’ve applied for, especially if you’re submitting applications all over the place.

If a recruiter calls you about a position you’ve applied for and you can’t remember what it was, that won’t look good. So, keep a spreadsheet of the positions you’ve applied for so it’s easy to refer back to if you need to. What’s more, you’ll be able to record contact details and deadlines, making the application process a whole lot easier.

From tracking your applications properly and nailing the perfect CV to knowing what companies are situated in Brighton, finding the ideal career in this beautiful seaside city is a breeze!

Ready to find your dream job in Brighton? Start your job search today! Your future career awaits in this vibrant city.

Don’t wait, take the first step towards success! Good luck!