finding a job in brighton

The How and Why of Finding a Job in Brighton

The job market is pretty good at the moment across a lot of sectors and there are plenty of opportunities out there, if you know where to look. One city you might like to consider is Brighton. With great amenities and a wide range of different employment opportunities, it’s certainly got a lot to offer people at all stages in their careers.

Why Brighton?

Settled on the south coast and with two world famous piers, Brighton is not only a prime tourist location, it’s also full of life and vitality for local residents. The range of bars, restaurants and clubs is probably second to none in the Home Counties and there are also a tonne of different cultural events, breath-taking walks and other activities you take part in.

If you are thinking of commuting in and out of the city, the good news is that rail links and roads are pretty good. Brighton sees itself as a growing business hub and the transport infrastructure is good to excellent – it’s also a lot eco-friendly than in other cities as you might expect from a city with the only Green MP in England.

There’s certainly plenty to do whether you choose to live in Brighton or commute from nearby.

Types of Job In Brighton

In recent surveys, the average take home pay for Brighton was just over £1,800 and there’s a fairly high jobs growth rate at the moment at 11%. Several major companies operate in the region, including American Express who have their UK head office in Brighton. Marketing companies like Brandwatch and web developers like Equiniti are also located here.

There’s plenty of diversity when it comes to the jobs market, whether you manage pubs, love to develop marketing and advertising campaigns or want to work for a major retailer like Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s. There’s also the local University of Sussex as well as large international companies such as EDF and insurance giant Hastings Direct.

The most prominent industries are understandably tourism, retail, social and health care, which two fifths of people work in. But there are more and more growing industries such as marketing where good opportunities can currently be found. The digital economy is certainly on the rise and is now worth over £1 billion to the region.

Best Places to Look For a Job

There are several ways to find jobs in Brighton. The first is to approach companies directly with your CV. This can have the advantage of getting your foot in the door before a business puts out an add for a post that you might be suitable for.

The common way to job hunt nowadays, of course, is to go through job agencies and Brighton has its fair share, including our dedicated online job search.

Another way to find out what’s happening jobs wise in the area is to join a social networking site like LinkedIn and start connecting with business owners and organisations there. This is a great way to test the waters particularly if you are looking for management roles in a certain sector. The good news is that entrepreneurs across the Brighton area are usually more than willing to give advice to those looking to further their careers.