How To Give A Good Job Interview in Brighton

Some say the hardest part of job applications is getting to the interview stage, whilst others think that the challenges start once you’re in that room. If you’re the latter, then you might find it helpful to read our tips below on how to give a good interview.


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Do Your Research

In out post ‘What Should I Write In A Cover Letter?’ we referred to the idea of giving a presentation without proper presentation. Well that analogy is perhaps even more fit for this situation. Before your interview, research everything you can about the role and the business – from what jobs they want you to have had in the past to what the CEO wrote in the last Annual Magazine.


Be Confident

A lot of job seekers tend to go in to an interview worried that they won’t be liked or they’ll say the wrong things. The thing is, you’re there because they want you there. You’re not rocking up to a party without an invite – the recruiters have read through your CV, given it some thought, and decided that yes, they’d like to meet you and talk about what you could do for their company.

So be confident. There is no one in that room who is not meant to be there, and the onus is as much on them to convince you to work there as it is vice versa.


Take Your Time

In interviews it can sometimes feel that you’ve got a split second to answer the questions. The fact is, interviews are as much a chance for recruiters to see your personality as it is a quiz. So when they ask a question, take a breath and repeat it in your mind (or even out loud!). Let them see that you’re listening, considering their questions, and giving them a thoughtful answer.

It will make you look composed, intelligent and far more calm.

If you can put all these things into play for your next interview, you’ll not only give yourself a far better chance of progressing to the next stage, but you also get the peace of mind that you couldn’t have done much more – and that maybe you’re just not right for the role.


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