Why You Should Be Job Hunting in Brighton

Brighton is not only a great area to live in but has plenty of decent job prospects as well. Whether you’re looking to come and live here or planning to commute from a location nearby, the city has become a real growth area in recent years, particularly in the digital sector.

Big Employers

Walk around Brighton’s streets and back alleys, with their quaint shops and stores, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a city entirely devoted to retail and hospitality. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Brighton is home to some big employers such as the University of Sussex, American Express and a growing number of marketing jobs and advertising companies like Brandwatch, energy companies such as EDF and major retailers like Sainsbury’s.

Digital Brighton

The biggest rising sector in the region is not tourism but digital. Over the last few years, creative industries in the city have grown to be worth over £1 billion and the number of tech startups is increasing quite dramatically. This success has come from local business and the council coming together to make it a suitable place for tech companies to invest, leading to some comparisons with US hub San Francisco.

This change has also led to more jobs in the creative and digital sectors which have proved an attraction for people not only across the Home Counties but around the world.

5 Top Tips for Finding Jobs in Brighton

  1. First of all, research the city and what it has to offer. Whether you’re planning to boost your career prospects or want to get in at the start of a new tech adventure, it’s always a good idea to join social media sites like LinkedIn to find out what’s going on in Brighton.
  2. Keeping track of business websites is another way of finding out what jobs are currently on offer. For instance, the council will generally advertise posts on it’s own pages as do other large businesses before putting out to agencies.
  3. Contacting businesses direct is a good idea if you want to try and circumvent the usual selection process and hopefully catch the attention of a manager, boss or HR department. It can be a bit hit or miss but opting for old style posting your CV in hardcopy can actually get you noticed.
  4. There are plenty of different national job websites available nowadays and Brighton has more than its fair share of local recruitment agencies. You might like to try our specific online site Just Brighton Jobs which focuses on a range of employment opportunities including digital jobs and financial jobs in Brighton.
  5. Finally, tailor your CV to reflect the job that you are applying for and that includes any covering letter/email that you include. There are always tweaks that you can make to your standard format to make it more attractive to potential employers.

There are a wide variety of jobs on offer for people looking to work and develop their careers in Brighton. With average monthly salaries of over £1,800 and job growth hitting an all-time high of 11% recently, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Not only that, Brighton is a great city for entertainment and culture that sees millions visit it from around the world each year.