Why Body Language Can Help Win That Job: Our Top Tips

What you say at interview is important, we all know that.

But your body language can also reveal a lot about who you really are. Potential employers in Brighton and interview panels know what to look out for.

You may be saying all the right things and ticking the proper verbal boxes, but if your body is saying something completely different it can quickly put the mockers on any chance of getting that job.

Here are our top body language tips to help you out:

Walk Tall

Your interview panel may well make up their minds about you as you walk through the door. Ensure you stride in with confidence, a straight back and your head held up high. Meet and greet the panel in a friendly and respectful manner. But don’t be aggressive.

Sit Back

When you come to sit down, don’t perch on the edge or lean to one side or slouch, sit right back in the chair and press your back against the rest. This should make you look self-assured and less nervous.

Paying attention to your posture is an absolute must if you tend to slouch when sitting. If you’re not sure, get a mirror and sit down on a chair naturally, then see what you look like.

Watch Your Feet

Tapping your feet, twisting them under the chair or other quirky movements can all be a sign of nervousness or give the sense that you have something to hide. Plant your feet firmly on the floor and give yourself a strong base. There’s even some evidence that this can help with complex and creative thought processes.

Hand Gestures

We all know that hand gestures are an important way to express meaning as we talk. Don’t keep your fingers clasped nervously in your lap or your palms rigidly on the table top. It not only makes you look intimidated it ensures you feel that way too.

Get into the habit of using gestures that help explain your point and assert your authority.

Our top tip: Opening your palms is generally seen as a sign honesty and engagement so make sure that you introduce this into your body language repertoire.

The Art of Eye Contact

Should you stare your interviewer right in the eye as you answer questions and listen to them speaking?

While this might sound like the right thing to do it can make you seem a little too focused and it can also be downright uncomfortable. The experts suggests you don’t drill into the other person’s eyes but rotate your vision from around their face every two seconds or so, particularly focusing on the lips while they are talking. It makes you look more attentive and less intimidating.


It may sound obvious but making sure you breathe properly is important. If you are nervous it can mean your words get shortened and breathless. So, before you begin, centre yourself and breathe deeply while speaking on the exhale.

Bonus Extras

These are just some of the ways you can improve your body language at interview. There are plenty of others. These include nodding gently while someone is talking to you and leaning in when you have something important to say.

Paying a little more attention to your body language means you complement what you have to say rather than detract from it. It could just give you the edge over other interviewees on that important day in landing your next job in Brighton.