Things You Should Always Do Before A Business Trip

Business trips can be a logistical challenge. Maximum preparation is required to take full advantage of them. 

As corporate travel slowly starts to rear its head again, it’s worth revisiting the measures you need to take to ensure a successful trip. What do you need to account for? Are there ways to make your journey’s a lot easier?

Try not to let the pressure get to you here. Only when you’re calm and collected can you develop a clear plan. To help you get started, we’ve listed some things for you to think about.

Keep in Touch

Business trips can take you out of action socially for a long time. Make sure your relationships don’t suffer while you’re away.

Even a quick update message to friends and family can make a difference. Try to be courteous. Let people know how long you’ll be away, whether the place you’re visiting has wi-fi, and how contactable you expect to be for the duration of your trip. That way, everyone can set reasonable expectations.

Let your bank know you’re heading abroad too. After all, they can often freeze accounts with little to no explanation, so make sure they’re tipped off so that they don’t become suspicious of your spending activities.

Put Valuable Household Items In Storage

Depending on the length of your trip, it may be a good idea to spare a thought for your belongings. Leaving your home unattended for so long may be risky, especially if you live in an area prone to burglaries.

You may not be confident that your home storage options can keep your valuable items safe. In those situations, you can get extra storage from Safestore, which will be more secure with professional supervision. Their solutions are tailored to your exact requirements, and you can use their services under a short or long term arrangement. Van hire options are also available to make moving to store your things easier.

Remember that you need to be at your best on your business trip. If you’re constantly worried about what may or may not happen back home, you will be distracted. Get some peace of mind and store your things, and you can be entirely focused on your professional duties.

Think About Your Devices

When you are away from home, you’ll be heavily reliant on your technology. You need to ensure it’s fully operational at all times.

Charge your mobile phones and laptops the night before. Be sure to take the chargers with you. Consider utilising power-saving settings in your phone to minimise battery usage. Reduce battery depleting activities while you’re out on your trip. You can do this by avoiding web surfing or playing mobile games. Use it for essential tasks only while you’re mobile.

It may also be a good idea to take backup devices with you also. They don’t need to be as technologically impressive as your primary devices, but it can be helpful to have another plan in place should your tech become damaged, lost, or stolen.

Download Travel Apps

Your business travels may take you far afield, and you could need to catch multiple flights or bus trips during your adventure. In these circumstances, it’s handy to have your information to hand quickly.

Airline apps will enable you to check your flights status, terminal, and times from one place. Equivalents for other modes of transport like trains and buses will also exist. Download them all and make sure your notifications are turned on in the event of any emergencies.

Reduce the risk of losing all your paperwork, or at least frantically scrabbling around for it. Benefit from having everything in one place for faster access to your information. Some travel apps may also have exclusive deals for users too, so it may be worth seeing what opportunities are available there as well.