job interview brighton

So you’ve found the perfect job, and you’ve read our How to write a winning cover letter post and won yourself through to the interview stage. You’re nervous – fair enough – but you want to make sure you ace it and land the job. Where do you start?

The single most important thing before going to an interview is to be prepared. This encompasses every aspect of the task before you. Be prepared around the company. Be prepared around what the job is and what they want you to achieve. Be prepared around who will be interviewing you and what their background is (LinkedIn is a great help here).

Basically, be prepared.

Why does this help? Well, unless you’re made of ice, we all go in to interviews at least a little bit nervous. Either that, or over-excited and amped up. Both of these deliver instabilities in how we assess questions and respond to them, and how we come across to people. So to balance this, preparation comes into play.

If you have knowledge and routines you can fall back on to in the case of nerves, you’ve got a solid platform to come out better from the interview than your competitors. Which is, after all, your main aim.

So as well as being prepared on what they’re coming to the table with, you should be prepared with your full armoury. Remember, no one is going to boast about you in that room – it’s up to you.

It doesn’t come easily to most of us, but if you can sit down as think of all the rewarding, challenging and successful things you’ve gone through and achieved in your life (both work and personal) before an interview, you’ll be in a good frame of mind to show them what it is about you that they need.

And as you think about those things, say them out loud to yourself – you’ll be surprised at how much more impressive they seem.

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