How to Find a Job in Digital Marketing

We’re pleased to say that, whilst a lot of people struggle to find their ideal role in the Digital Marketing world, you’ve stumbled upon the definitive guide to ‘How to Find a Job in Digital Marketing.’ It’ll blow your mind. There are just three simple steps. Here we go.


Go through all the job sites you’ve ever heard of. We don’t mean stop at the job seeker websites with random searches that don’t show you anything; we mean try Gumtree as well. They often have a strange, non-descript, un-detailed posting for a digital job: “Come do SEO for my website that isn’t built yet and also make me coffee.” You know, something like that.


Next, head down to the Co-Op across the road and check out their handy community board: in between the dance class and the home massage notices, there’s bound to be a “Build my website for free to improve your portfolio” note stuck up there. Cause who doesn’t like a bit of voluntary work?


Go back to your computer, or if you’ve got your fancy MacBook Pro with you, head down to your local independent coffee shop that’s struggling to hold back the wave of Costas and Neros. Open Chrome, or Safari, or Firefox (or IE if you’re game) and go to our dedicated sister job board – hey presto! Targeted, easy-to-find, on-point Digital Marketing Jobs in Brighton just waiting for you to apply.

We could put a fourth step in here. Something about uploading your CV, or saving your searches, but we’ll leave it there for now. After all, we wrote ‘There are just three simple steps’ in the intro – and we don’t go against our word.