Advice for Jobseekers and Workers in Brighton - March 2019

  • It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Brighton Career

    Posted on Monday, March 25, 2019 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    While many of us would like to develop a new career in Brighton and Hove, we often feel that we are prevented from doing so because of our age or the fact that we’ve been in one industry or sector too long. The truth is that you can choose to change your career direction at any time. All you need is a little focus and a desire to chase your own dream . Age really shouldn’t matter. Don’t Limit ...

  • How to Beat Office Stress and Give Your Career Confidence a Boost

    Posted on Monday, March 18, 2019 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    We all know that one thing for sure about working in an office is that it is going to be stressful. Sometimes the stress comes in small chunks, that are easy to manage, however, sometimes the stress can be overwhelming and extend over a longer period of time. When you feel stressed out at work, there is a good chance that the stress will overwhelm you, that it will take you away from your career ...