Advice for Jobseekers and Workers in Brighton - January 2019

  • What Job Should I Look And Apply For?

    Posted on Sunday, January 27, 2019 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    One of the most daunting things you’ll ever do is decide on a first career step or, indeed, a career change! What job is going to both give you satisfaction, and pay enough to fulfil your future needs and goals? It’s important to find the balance between money and happiness, with more and more studies showing higher levels of life satisfaction associated with someone enjoying their job rather ...

  • Upskilling Should Be Your Buzzword for 2019

    Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2019 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    There is an old adage that knowledge is power. That’s nowhere so important in modern life than in the workplace. Maybe thirty years ago you could get by with the same skills and knowledge for a 30 year career but nowadays employees who regularly update their CV and have a keen interest in CPD are much more highly valued. If you are looking to change things up over the next 12 months, then a ...

  • How to Write a Winning Cover Letter

    Posted on Saturday, January 5, 2019 by Dave RelfeNo comments

    So you’ve found the perfect job and you’re desperate to land an interview. Your resume’s looking fresh and clean, and now you’ve got to nail the cover letter. How do you do this when everyone’s thinking the same thing? One of the important things to note about cover letters is that the head of recruitment, or the manager, or the agent – whoever it is that has been tasked with finding the perfect ...