What’s your Dream Job?

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Do you know what your dream job is? Most of us could have answered this as a five year old. Maybe even at fifteen. But now? For sure, in the real world - you’re probably thinking - most of us can’t have our dream job and we have to take a role that makes ends meet.

woman holding a mug saying like a boss, with her dream job

That might be true in a lot of circumstances, but if you keep an eye on your dream goal, not only can it make intermediate roles more bearable, but it can also keep you on a path that might eventually get you there.

What’s the point in forgetting what it is you’d love to do, and just ending up being miserable whilst making your salary?

If, for example, you’ve always wanted to be a horticulturist but you’ve got responsibilities - bills to pay, maybe even mouths to feed - and you don’t have qualifications for that job or experience and you’ve had to settle for a role in a different field - let’s say a personal assistant.

If you keep in mind your dream of being a horticulturist, you’re more likely to find ways to incorporate that style of project into your role. Perhaps you can take on the task of designing and ordering flower arrangements in the office. You never know what that will branch out (excuse the pun) into more experience in the garden field, and you can certainly focus on that aspect of the role in your resume when you’re going for that dream job later on.

On top of this, keeping in mind your end goal helps to solidify and keep in focus what you could be doing to reach it. So, whilst working, why not take up part time studies where possible in the field? A lot of places offer online and after hours certificates today because the world understands that people want to get their dream job. We’re not as restricted as we used to be.

So, what’s your dream job and how can you get it?


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